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Work Experience

Work Experience


Work Experience is about gaining knowledge, understanding and skills towards employment.  It involves the student carrying out particular tasks or duties, more or less like an employee would but with the emphasis on the learning aspects of the experience.     
The Work Experience programme is designed to give your child first-hand experience of the world of work.  We provide support, security and encouragement throughout a student’s Work Experience placement to maximize the benefit to the student. Your child will be supported on their placement by staff but, where deemed suitable, will experience this opportunity as independently as possible.

 Why do Work Experience? 
Having a successful Work Experience placement is vital for your child’s future success. In addition to enhancing their personal, social and vocational education, work experience provides a solid basis for key skills such as employability. 

It will also help your child to:


  • Gain an insight into the world of work
  • Acquire employability skills
  • Develop self-awareness and confidence in their abilities
  • Begin to understand the links between school subjects and the world of work
  • Develop and practise a range of new skills
  • Work alongside adults as part of a team
  • Make more informed decisions about their future.

Work Experience can lead to your child gaining a good reference from the employer which will be useful when applying for other employment opportunities. In some instances, employers have been so impressed with students they have offered them Saturday work.

Our Work Experience Programme
Our programme is tailored to suit each individual student. Here is the process of what is entailed in our programme:


  • Questionnaire to identify areas in which the student is interested
  • A suitable placement will be found
  • Risk assessments carried out and a copy of employability insurance documents obtained
  • Letter home to parents/carers with necessary details and information
  • Health & Safety booklet completed by student
  • Work Experience diary completed on each visit to placement
  • Feedback forms from the employer, student, parent/carers and staff 

At the end of their Work Experience programme your child will receive a Health & Safety certificate, a Work Experience certificate, an employer’s report and a better understanding of working life.

How Parents/Carers Can Help
Discuss the placement with your child and encourage them to complete their diary in school/college.
Encourage your child to have a positive approach to the placement, even if it isn’t quite what they 
Inform the school if there are any problems or concerns.
Help your child understand the goodwill of employers offering the placement opportunities.
Let us know if you know of any potential Work Experience placement providers.

To find out more about our Work Experience Programme please contact: 

Vicky Benson (Work Experience Coordinator)
Barrs Court @ The Hub
Symonds Street
HR1 2HA 
(01432) 353804

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