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Keeping Children Safe

At Barrs Court we take the need to keep children safe very seriously and this means being safe from harm online as well as in the real world.   'E-safety' days are organised for pupils and staff keep abreast with current online threats which might harm our pupils so that the risks associated with chat rooms, social media, sharing images and shopping online etc. can be better understood and guarded against.

Pupils are instructed on a regular basis about how to keep safe with regards to issues such as "good and bad touch " "stranger danger", road safety and sexual health.  General health and safety procedures also feature in the curriculum on offer to pupils.  All pupil disclosures of alleged harm are taken seriously and the school works closely with the statutory safeguarding agencies via its own safeguarding officers, Sally Sparrow and Lisa Appleton.

Because some of our pupils have complex needs, in addition to their overarching learning disabilities, keeping some pupils safe can be quite complicated. For example, some pupils may have emotional difficulties, or overtly aggressive towards others, whilst some pupils may have life limiting health difficulties and all are very vulnerable. We undertake meticulous planning to ensure that special arrangements (called SIRBs) are implemented consistently in order to keep all pupils as safe as possible and to ensure they are engaging in school life as positively as possible.  Each pupil has what is called a Pupil Profile which summarises his/her individual characteristics and the range of SIRBs which are used to personalise his/her education and safe care. 

Barrs Court School operates a policy of zero tolerance towards bullying; all incidents of inappropriate pupil behaviour are carefully logged and analysed by Senior Leaders who in turn report each term to the school's Safeguarding Committee. Positive behaviour is promoted by strategies such as our "Zone Board" and is rewarded on a systematic basis. Excellent works displayed on the Headteacher's "WOW !" wall  and also more formally by acknowledging signficant efforts in the school's Silver Book which is read out during assembly each week. Pupils amass Silver Book commendations and receive Headteacher's certificates when they have amassed 10 commendations.


External doors are electronically controlled and all adults who are in contact with pupils are required to have an enhanced DBS certificate. All visitors are required to sign in on arrival, and are checked against our records to see if we hold their DBS details. They are then easily identified by wearing one of our special visitor's badges so staff know which of these adults must be supervised when pupils are on site. 

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