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Assessment and Accreditation


At Barrs Court our aim has always been to find an assessment solution that works for our school and is driven by the need to recognise the achievements and potential of every young person. Our policy and practice is holistic and inclusive of all abilities and special educational needs, and includes wider outcomes e.g. independence, social transferable skills, confidence and self-esteem.


How do we assess learning at Barrs Court School?

The principle of assessment is to check and identify what a child understands and what they need to learn next. It should establish starting points and should support progress in a range of contexts. At Barrs Court we assess using a variety of strategies including teachers and support staff continuously assessing the pupils to inform their planning in order to deliver an individualised bespoke learning experience.

  • This is done on a daily and lesson by lesson basis.
  • Progress is also checked on a termly basis.
  • Key Stage 4 and 5 follow an accredited personal scheme and in Key Stage 5, some pupils will undertake controlled assessments during the academic year as part of the accreditation process.
  • Targets are set for the end of each term, year and the end of each Key Stage.
  • Where appropriate students are also involved in their learning through self-assessment.


How do we measure progress?

Barrs Court uses an assessment system known as the Wilson Stuart P Steps to measure progress in the National Curriculum (Entitlement Curriculum).

Wilson Stuart P Steps is specifically designed to be used in special schools. The assessment activities are more age appropriate than those related to the primary curriculum that has been used previously, with a greater emphasis on independence, life and living skills.

The content has been designed over two years by Wilson Stuart School. It’s designed to be on one continuum and to be easier for parents/carers to understand the progress of their child.



The majority of our students will leave Barrs Court with nationally recognised accreditation.

Most will work towards entry level or higher qualifications in Writing, Reading, Speaking & Listening and Maths.

Some of our students who excel in particular core subject may have to opportunity to be supported by our staff at a local mainstream school to access GCSE courses


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