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Barrs Court School


Careers Education

Careers Education

Vision and Aims

At Barrs Court our overall aim is that all our students will be empowered and benefit from a meaningful, rewarding and fulfilling adulthood. As a specialist provision for children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities it is essential that our focus and priority is to prepare our students for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life and enable full participation in todays’ modern society.


Our vision is to increase the possibility and opportunities for our young people to be in paid employment.  To enable and achieve this outcome we ensure that our careers curriculum is both relevant and engaging and that it meets the differing needs, requirements and interests of our students. Throughout their time at Barrs Court students take part in a range of focused activities to ensure that they are well informed and able to play an active part in aspiring to achieve their full potential and determine their future pathways post-school. Besides knowledge, our curriculum supports and positively challenges our students to have the aptitude and interpersonal skills to effectively communicate and add value within the workplace.


Our curriculum helps students achieve the following broad aims;

  • To understand themselves and the influences on them (SELF DEVELOPMENT)
  • To investigate opportunities in learning and work (CAREER EXPLORATION)
  • To make and adjust plans to manage change and transition (CAREER MANAGEMENT)


Through the school’s Person Centred approach to planning, provision and delivery, students are able to communicate their dreams and aspirations for their futures. The school also aims to deliver impartial careers guidance to help students make informed choices about their own future, in a timely manner that takes account of their abilities, needs and interests.


Preparing for Adulthood

Our provision to preparation for adulthood and employment consists of distinct but related strands:

  • Careers Education (Stable Curriculum)
  • Work Related Learning
  • Enterprise programmes
  • Life Skills
  • Transition into Adulthood


Careers Education: A Stable Curriculum

Careers Education is both a distinct module of the PSHE curriculum that is taught to all students as they move through the school and also through self-development an integral element of P.S.H.E. Themes can be delivered through assemblies and links within English, Maths and Science with discrete lessons focussing on such elements as personal targets, CV writing and interview techniques.

Careers Curriculum Overview

Baker Clause Statement:

As you may be aware, the statutory guidance issued on careers education in July reiterated the importance of the Baker Clause and we expect this to continue to be a focus in government this autumn.

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