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Barrs Court School


Information for Employers

At the Barrs Court school, pupils are supported to develop the knowledge, skills and understanding in relation to enterprise and employability. 


The development of employability skills is essential in preparing our students for the world of work and the transition into adulthood. Via classroom based learning (through our Careers curriculum), work encounters, work placements, development of skills for independence and visits to the school by local employers pupils are able to develop their knowledge and understanding of employers and employment. Hands on and practical skills such as role play and mock interviews are organised and where appropriate students are supported to produce a CV in preparation for the responsibilities associated with finding and securing employment.


Where appropriate and relevant, students have the chance to develop an awareness of the work place and to improve skills that may help them to enter the job market at some point in their lives. Our pupils have opportunities to participate in a wide range of work encounters which include visits to off-site venues and guided tours of establishments.


Pupils also participate in work experience. As with all areas of learning within the school these activities are presented to students on an individual basis, in a timely fashion, that takes account of their age, abilities, needs and prior knowledge and experience including work related activities. 


Pupils at the Barrs Court have taken part in the following work experience placements: 

  • Local cafes
  • Nursery school
  • Community garden centre
  • Charity shops
  • The Courtyard Theatre


This is in addition to our links with international companies such as Premier Inn. 


Comments from Employers


We really value the feedback from employers and use this opportunity to help our young people reflect about their placement and practise within a working environment. Learning to accept praise is an important part of developing our emotional wellbeing and can help further develop confidence and self-esteem which is a vital component necessary for equipping our young people make a valuable contribution to the world of work.


“A is a quiet worker but he is a friendly young man. He works hard in our garden and we are very grateful for all the effort he has put in. He has made a big difference to our environment and always seems happy to work”


 “B arrives on time, always looks happy and completes all tasks to a high standard. She has a positive attitude and will do anything asked of her. She uses her initiative well, even better than some of our full time staff. B has fitted in really well and we are very happy with her progress”


 “C is a great asset to the setting. The children love him and whilst he plays lovely with the children. He is able to be independent with his jobs and self manages himself whilst also being confident to ask for help”.


  “D is a very hardworking member of the team. He interacts very well with staff and customers. He is always willing to help and always wanting to keep busy. It’s been a pleasure to have him as part of the team, he’s fab!”


 “E is always prepared to assist with activities, run warm ups and help out where necessary. He is a great team member and works well with the students and staff. He has built a great rapport with the students who have responded very positively to him. E has been excellent in observing exercises within the sessions and using this knowledge to implement his own delivery. He is very good at addressing the whole class but also working one to one work; for example, he has assisted students with achieving their arts award. E is a joy to have in the sessions and he is always enthusiastic and willing to learn.


“H is a pleasure to have on our team. He has a good sense of humour and is able to have fun as well as work hard and get all his jobs done. He is always smiling and is always enthusiastic about any job we give him”.


“J always works to a good standard. I would like to thank him for his help as the store always looks well-presented once he has finished”. 


K has been a star! She is so hard working and is always smiling.  She doesn’t get stressed if we are really busy, she just takes it in her stride and cracks on. We are sad to see her go but grateful for all the hard work and effort she has put in”.


Further Information

If you would like to find out more about our Careers Education please contact Bev Jones, Careers Lead on 01432 265035

If you would like to contact our Careers and Employability HLTA about the possibility of becoming a work experience provider, please contact Carrie Pitt on


We are always looking for new Work Experience placements for our students. Could you support us with this? If so, please get in touch. 

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