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Barrs Court School


School Vision and Aims

Our Vision and Aims


Our vision and aims at Barrs Court School are continuously at the core of everything we do and aspire for the school community.  Our vision of excellence is encapsulated in our Mission Statement and progress towards realising this vision is planned via the implementation of a set of overarching aims as follows:


 Together we empower and believe to thrive and achieve’


  • To achieve maximum personal independence and active community participation.
  • To empower self-advocacy through effective communication for choice and control.
  • To aspire to ambitious personal pathways, progress and achievement within a functional context.
  • To develop and maintain active social opportunities, health and wellbeing.
  • To ensure continuity of life-long learning and on transfer to Post 19 destinations.



How will we do this?

  • We will create and facilitate a centre of excellence in which the educational and therapeutic needs of children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) can be addressed effectively and within a learning environment that is safe, relevant, inclusive and purposefully creative and enjoyable. All contributions and achievements will be recognised and celebrated.
  • The school will treat each of its pupils with respect and ensure that their rights, needs, aspirations and personal preferences remain central to the school’s organisation and they are empowered to benefit from a meaningful, contributing and rewarding adulthood. 
  • The high quality curriculum will be broad, creative and appropriate with and access to the curriculum driven by individual pupil need.  This will be mirrored by the teaching and assessment approaches delivered by a dynamic, skilled and passionate staff team who with all stakeholders place high expectations delivered in a skilled and confident manner.
  • All members of the Trust, governing body and workforce are competent, empowered and effective in carrying out their respective roles, responsibilities and duties and are ambitious for our students and their families.
  • Our expertise will be shared to promote awareness and full social integration within the wider community and promote the best outcomes for all young people and adults with SEND in Herefordshire.
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